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Doula Services

Our philosophy as doulas is to do whatever we can so that you have a satisfying birth experience, as YOU (and your partner) define it.

Doula services usually include:
    • 2 prenatal meetings
    • Continuous support from the onset of labor until one or two hours after your baby is born
    • 1 postpartum meeting
    • Phone and e-mail availability throughout your pregnancy, up to 3 weeks postpartum


During meetings, we’ll work on:
        • Establishing what type of birth you wish to have
        • Clarifying the roles of the birth team members
        • Exploring the path towards you ideal birth
        • Help with your birth plan
        • A run-through of what to expect in birth and how to deal with its challenges
        • Addressing any specific concerns particular to your pregnancy or situation
        • A healthy amount of laughter, and the use of some marbles and a plastic egg.

Once labor has begun, your chosen doula will meet you for labor support whenever you want.
We usually prefer meeting you earlier at your home, rather than at the hospital, since we find this is helpful to the flow of the birthing process. But it’s totally up to you. Support will include a combination of:
        • Physical support: Focus on breathing, positioning, massage, visualization, cold/heat packs, counter-pressure and other comfort and relaxation techniques.
        • Informational support: Answer questions; explanation of where you are in the labor process and what might happen next in the context of the birth flow.
        • Emotional support: Address fears, anxieties and other concerns; reassurance, encouragement and reinforcement of the positive; creating a space where you feel safe and taken care of so that you can focus on labor.
        • Self-advocacy: Help you get the information necessary to make an informed decision; remind you if there is a departure from your birth plan.
        • Partner Support: Helping your birth partner support you, and supporting them as well.
        • Back-Up: If an unforeseeable situation arises, you will not be left doula-less! There will always be a back-up doula available, just in case.

Aside from high fives, hugs and the possibility of joyful tears, we’ll:
        • Review the birth and talk about how it compares with what you expected
        • Assess how you are recovering, making sure you are taking good care of yourselves and setting realistic goals
        • Talk about how the baby is sleeping, feeding and doing in general
        • Focus on any challenges that you might be facing and talk about appropriate referrals

Your doula does not:

    • Replace your health care team: She doesn’t do any clinical or medical tasks.
    • Replace your partner or family: Your doula supports and work together with them, to better support you.
    • Make decisions for you: Your doula provides you with evidence-based information to help you make the informed decisions that are right for you.
    • Judge you: This is your birth, and only you can decide what’s best!


We have two doulas for you to chose from:

Adriana Lozada at Birthful

Adriana Lozada


Investment: $975*

*Includes a free “Birth Partner’s Ultimate Labor Support Toolkit”  ($47 value)

*Discounts available for repeat clients and new clients referred by previous clients.

alexa.headshot1 copy

Alexa Weeks


Investment: $825

Travel Fee:

For any drive distance greater than 20 miles from downtown Rochester, there is a one-time travel-fee of $50. For greater than 40 miles, it’s $80. For greater than 60 miles, it’s $120.