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Life with a Newborn: Why It’s so Hard to Take a Shower

Do you know how much sleep a newborn needs? How many feedings per day? How about number of diaper changes? Learn what 24 hours in the life of a baby really looks like, as Adriana Lozada explains what to expect, including cluster feedings and sleep cycles.



Since my friend has her first baby and explained a similar experience to me I have been thinking about this problem. I feel its important to keep the baby on breast milk with no formula, but I also want to sleep uninterrupted. So I have this idea of buying extra mommy milk from classifieds and having my husband feed the baby that during a few stretches so I can sleep a little longer. Having said that, I don’t know much about how to buy milk. Does it matter what age the child is where the milk comes from? Can you do a podcast about this idea?

Adriana Lozada

You can check out the episode on “milk-sharing” that I did with Amber McCann. One thing you need to consider is if you really need to get breastmilk from an outside source, or if you can pump at other times, to build your own stash to give your baby. Substituting a feeding for an external milk source could also affect your milk supply (depends on other factors, for example, how often you are feeding during the day, etc.). I would suggest you contact an certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) to guide you through this process, and ensure your breastfeeding relationship. Best of luck!

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