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Birth Principles: Better than a Birth Plan, with Jessie Harrold

The Birthful Podcast: Episode #129

Today we are going to go beyond the birth plan to talk about birth principles. Although a well crafted birth plan can be a powerful tool, more often than not their formulaic, and outcome-focused nature can give a false illusion of control, and elicit eye rolls from jaded caregivers. The truth is, your efforts may be better spent on first crafting your own set of birth principles. Jessie Harrold explains why. Check it out!


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What we talked about:

  • What is the problem with a traditional birth plan?
  • How are Birth Principles different?
  • Tapping into you emotions surrounding birth
  • Navigating external influences, and figuring out how to be comfortable in them
  • Stepping into the unknown, and what that means to you
  • Exploring the character strength that will serve you
  • Understanding your beliefs around birth and birthing
  • Do you share your birth principles?
  • How can your birth principles inform your birth plan
  • What would a helpful birth plan look like?
  • How using these Birth Principles makes a difference in birth outcomes


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Photo of Jessie Harrold
Courtesy of Jessie Harrold
About Jessie Harrold

Jessie Harrold is a DONA certified doula and life coach. She holds degrees in Neuroscience and Health Promotion, and has trained as a Breastfeeding Educator and Sacred Pregnancy Instructor. She owns Nalumana Women’s Wellness, where she dedicates her time to helping women navigate major life transitions by offering 1:1 support, workshops, online programs and retreats.

Learn more at or follow the conversation on Facebook ( or Instagram (@jessieharroldnalumana)





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