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Low Milk Supply, with Diana Cassar-Uhl

The Birthful Podcast: Episode #15

To continue on our breastfeeding kick, in this episode of the Birthful Podcast we are going to be talking about low milk supply. Low milk supply -whether real or perceived- can seriously impact a breastfeeding relationship. I’ll be taking with Diana Cassar-Uhl, to help us navigate the constellation of reasons that may cause it, and possible solutions.

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What we talked about:

  • What is considered a low milk supply?
  • The million dollar question: how common is low milk supply
  • What to do if you think your milk supply is low
  • Why it’s impossible to “spoil” a newborn
  • Your baby’s hunger cues
  • Is it time for a “nursing vacation”?
  • What if your boobs don’t change?
  • Low milk supply: physical reasons, behavioral reasons, or both?


Helpful links from Diana:


Additional links on low milk supply:


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Courtesy of Diana Cassar-Uhl
About Diana Cassar-Uhl

Diana Cassar-Uhl, MPH, IBCLC is a first year doctoral student in maternal and child health with a research interest in infant and child nutrition. She has been helping breastfeeding families since 2005 as a La Leche League Leader, IBCLC, educator, author, and researcher. She blogs at and is the author of Finding Sufficiency: Breastfeeding With Insufficient Glandular Tissue (Praeclarus Press). Mother of three school-age children, Diana splits her time between her home in upstate New York and her academic and professional pursuits in the Washington, DC area.

Learn more about Diana.

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