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The Microbiome and Your Baby’s Immune System, with Toni Harman

The Birthful Podcast: Episode #102

How your baby is born will determine what microorganisms get where, when. It’s a beautifully orchestrated process with lifelong implications for your baby’s health. So what if you have a cesarean birth, take antibiotics, or are not able to breastfeed? Toni Harman tells us more. Check it out!


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What we talked about:

  • What is the microbiome?
  • Understanding the “seed-and-feed” process
  • Changes in the vaginal microbiome during the 3rd trimester
  • Why it’s actually amazingly good for you to poop during pushing
  • Why sequence of arrival matters
  • How the microbiome trains the infant’s immune system
  • The increased risk of certain diseases later in life for Cesarean born babies
  • Elective vs. emergency Cesareans
  • Labor’s apparent effect on epigenetics
  • The issues with Cesarean births
  • The issues with antibiotics and being GBS+
  • Effects of breastfeeding in getting things relatively back on track
  • Living a microbiome-friendly life


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Courtesy of Toni Harman

About Toni Harman

Toni Harman is a documentary filmmaker turned author. Toni has spent the past 20 years producing and directing films including the documentaries DOULA!, FREEDOM FOR BIRTH and the multi-award winning documentary MICROBIRTH. Her extensive research for MICROBIRTH ignited a passion for the microbiome resulting in Toni co-authoring YOUR BABY’S MICROBIOME with her partner Alex Wakeford.

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