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The Birthful Podcast: How to Leave a Review

Leaving a review on iTunes is not very straight forward. In the hopes of making it easier, I’ll walk you through the process in this video. Note: there’s a bit of audio before I start showing you where to click, so make sure you are listening and not just watching. Thank you!


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Nicola Keyworth

Hey Adriana!
Just a quick thank you from myself and my first little boy William in NZ. I listened to your podcasts religiously during my pregnancy and found them incredibly helpful in establishing my birth philosophy. We had a beautiful water birth at birthcare in Auckland, only a tiny bit of tearing and he was almost born fully in the sac. I feel like what I learnt from the podcast really set me up psychologically to have such a positive experience. Thank you once again!!

Adriana Lozada

Nicola! Congratulations, and thank you for the kind words! I’m so happy to have been part of your extended birth team. Love it!

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